Asadura Matancera

Asadura Matancera, literally means Liver Festival. The best one that I have been to is in Güéjar Sierra, Granada. It is usually held in the first days of February. The food is at the invitation of the town hall, but you pay a small amount for the beer and wine (How terrible is that?)

La fiesta de la Asadura Matancera, con degustación de la asadura cocinada al estilo güejareño y mosto de Güéjar Sierra, Granada España. La cual se celebra los primeros días del mes de febrero.



Quite simply put Tapa just means a lid or to cover something. I have been told that many years ago it started in Almería by people putting a saucer on top of their beer to keep the flies out of it. (A very sensible idea as I wouldn’t give a fly any of my beer) Later this developed and somehow food was put on to the saucer, thus the beer had been tapered. Also this was a gesture from the proprietor and enabled clients to stay longer. Tapas were originally free and in Almería and Granada they still are. In other counties you may be lucky to get a few nuts or a couple of olives.

Hello world!

After living here for so long and being adopted by my village, many people ask me what living in Spain is really like.

I’ve lived in Spain for 15 years and worked between the film and internet industries. Part of my work is setting up film and video locations for clients coming to Spain. A few years ago I started setting up a graphic page about each village I went to. Primarily to get photos to show prospective film directors and other clients where they would be filming.

It all changed a couple of years ago when I made it so that people viewing my pages could send their own content in, which I then added for them. Technology moved forward again and It all turned to video, I managed to semi-automate it, as it’s too much for me to handle on my own. It’s basically a local page where 80% of the information comes from the Spanish.

So, to the right are some of the villages and counties my film work took me to. At the top of each page there is a drop down menu that lets you select a village or area.

Before you buy or live anywhere you really want to know WHATS IT REALLY LIKE LIVING IN SPAIN !!!

Well here’s a way to get a true view on what really goes on in the village, town or city your thinking of moving your life and family to.

I hope this helps you with your decision. Spain is a wonderful place to live.
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