Granada has to be one of my favorite cities in Spain. The mixture of Catholic, Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures that have ruled it over the past 1500 years give it one of the most diverse mixtures of architecture within a single city.
Granada CapitalTravel in the city is easy, you seem to be able to get anywhere for one euro. It is under an hour from the Mediterrean coast, the Costa Tropical. The Alhambra palace, a Moorish citadel , is at the heart of Granada Town on the river Darro.
Alhambra Palace
It is one of the most famous items of the Islamic historical legacy that makes Granada a hot spot among cultural and tourist cities in Spain.
The city is a the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains with peaks as high as 3,478.6 metres (11,413 ft).
Sierra Nevada The snow melt fills the Güéjar Sierra reservoir that provides water to Granada city.
Guejar Sierra

Video of Granada which has a wide range of vistas for film, video and photo stills locations.


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