Beach Los Muertos Carboneras, Almeria

This idyllic beach is the perfect film and video location. It is close to San Jose and under an hour from Almeria capital. This video shows it to it’s best advantage.

Playa Los Muertos from the road

The footpath from the carpark

The beach is situated within the Natural park of  Cabo de Gata which literally means Cape Cat. The village of Carboneras is only a five minute drive away.

It can be accessed by the quite steep footpath or by boat from the sea. This beach can often be found deserted. I have never seen it crowded.

Turquoise waters

The long stretch of beach is impressive and has a gravel sand mix, the almost transparent waters allow you to see the seabed even from the cliffs. The water appears to be a deep turquoise color similar to the Caribbean.

There is a second secluded beach at one end

A beautiful beach with a wide range of vistas for film, video and photo stills locations. CLICK HERE FOR FILM PRODUCTION, LOCATION ASSISTANCE AND PERMITS.


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