La Patum

La Patum de Berga, or shortened to “La Patum”, is a highly popular and traditional festival that is celebrated every year in the Catalan city of Berga during the festival of Corpus Christi.

The dances or balls include.

  • Els Turcs i Cavallets (Turks and Little Knights)
  • Les Maces
  • Les Guites (Folkloric “mules”)
  • L’Àliga (The Eagle)
  • Els Nans Vells (The Old Dwarfs)
  • Els Gegants (The Giants)
  • Els Nans Nous (The New Dwarfs)
  • Els Plens

The most spectacular, and dangerous of these is the fire dance.

Els Plens

One of Catalonia’s liveliest festivals. The event gets its name from the folks who used to chant patum (the sound of a drum). Streets spill over with merrymakers as fireworks crackle and dwarfs, devils and dragons dance.


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