Video of Merida

Merida is an historic town in Spain it is the capital of Badajoz and Extremadura.

It has a population of 56,395 (2009). The “Archaeological Ensemble of Mérida” is a UNESCO world heritage site since 1993.

Merida was one of the most famous Roman capitols of the Iberian Peninsula, and features some of the best preserved Roman ruins in Europe.

As in other cities in Spain, lunch and dinner is served very late. Restaurants don’t even think of serving dinner before 9pm or so. Your best bet, unless you’re on the Spanish schedule already, is to go to a tapas bar; most open around noon or so.

Tapas are small plates like appetizers you can eat standing at a bar. Meant to satisfy one’s hunger between meals, you can make an interesting night of going from bar to bar, eating tapas and drinking beer or wine. Some tapas are free, you may get a small item with your first drink order. The more tasty and ornate tapas will cost you, but are quite moderately priced. The tapas experience, especially off the beaten track in towns like Merida, can be a rewarding one–you’ll meet friendly people who just come round to chat after (or before) work.

There is over 5 miles of aqueduct running though Merida, although there isn’t a section as complete as the one at Segovia.

The Acueducto de los Milagros on the northwest side of town is the most complete, and feeds two nearby man made lakes.


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