Beach location in Spain Almonte Huelva

The beach is 7 kilometers long and the seashore has an average width of 80 meters. Its golden and fine sand, its mobile dunes, Mediterranean climate and clean water make it a gift from Nature.

Torre la Higuera

It is known for having an ancient upside down tower on the sand called Torre la Higuera.

Dunes Matalascanas

Dunes Donaña

It also has some spectacular dunes behind the beach. Eventually turning into forest as you reach the Donaña National Park.

A few kilometers further along the beach you can find the beach front town of Matalascañas, Almonte.

Matalascañas Beachfront town

Almonte has a population of 19,641 and enough local shops for any extras and last minute props and dressing.

Camera, Grip and lighting equipment are not local, so if your thinking of a big film shoot allow half a day for trucks and generator travel.

There are smaller hostals and hotels close to the beach for easier main crew travel. And some 4 and 5 star hotels a bit further out for artists and management.

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In the Donaña National Park wild horses roam the plains and forest.


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