Almeria Desert video location

I’ve filmed here several times including music videos for Richard Hawley and Add N to X. As well as commercials, for Mazda. The desert receives about 24 cm of rain a year. Together, the high temperatures all year round (average temperature of 18°C) and one of the longest levels of sun exposure possible (3000 hours) produce the dry climate that gives rise to this true desert, ideal for filming.

Sandwiched between the Granada mountains of the Sierra Nevada, Gador, Filabres and Alhamilla is one of the most dramatic landscapes in Spain, the desolate Desierto de Tabernas.

The Desert of Tabernas, because of its similarities with the North American deserts like the Far West of the American West, northern Africa, the Arabian deserts, and its lunar landscape, served from 1950s and is still used today for the shooting of many films and westerns. The spaghetti westerns were shot at the three main film sets, Texas Hollywood, Mini Hollywood, and Western Leone.

The local European airport, with both modern and rural hotels, make it easy to travel to. There are also conference hotels geared towards filming. The local tapas bars are very cheap and diversified. The city has several top class restaurants.

Horses and trekking are easy to organize as Almeria is a horse orientated county. Being a coastal city there are hundreds of beaches to choose from.

Films such as “A Fistful of Dollars”, “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly” and “The Magnificent Seven” all used this landscape. For anyone interested in film there are various film sets built in the nature reserve of the Tabernas Desert.

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