Riotinto Huelva

Riotinto is famous for it’s open cast mine. I can not describe how big this hole is, you have to stand next to it to get a real perspective. It has a surreal, almost lunar landscape.

The principal minerals extracted here were iron ore, copper, silver and many others including the deadly sulphur. The mine has a history heaped with sadness. I will not dwell on who, how or why. But basically the rich exploited the poor. The story is clouded in myth since the age of King Solomon as these are supposedly his mines.

Riotinto desert

The disused, rusting rolling stock and train yard has been left as it was since it’s last commercial days. The area lends itself to stunning photography. There is a working train which takes tourists on a tour around the mine, shown in this video.

70Kms away the port of Huelva, thrived on the exploits of the mine.

Muelle de Huelva

The surrounding area of Rio Tinto is a landscape within a landscape.

The years of exploiting the earths resources give the land and waters of the region odd, magical shades of blue, green, yellow, reds and browns. It is not uncommon to see orange and blue rivulets meandering through the desert landscape.

Rio Tinto

The village of Riotinto has a population of about 4’200 (2009) and is part of the province of Huelva.

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