Free the horses (Saca las Yeguas)

This amazing spectacle happens on the 26th of June

The mares and foals are driven from the Doñana National park through Almonte in Huelva. The spectacle of seeing hundreds of mares (Yeguas) driven through the town and past the church, is breathtaking. The sound is also impressive.

Click to see the video

Across the river and along the beach

It looks more like the set of a Western in Mexico than a sleepy corner of Spain, when the wild Doñana horses are rounded up by modern day cowboys to take part in the famous El Rocío celebrations. This is “la saca de las yeguas”, the rounding up of mares. Its purpose is to count, disinfect, worm and brand the wild herd, as well as to remove foals to sell at market the following day.

The Rocio festival is in full swing by now. But that’s another story for another post. There are many spectacular points to view and film the horses.

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