Cadiz beach, Barbate and Los Caños de Meca

Famous site of the battle of Trafalgar. Yes it’s true the famous English square where Nelson stands, takes its name from Spain. Sometimes called “Cannonball reef” as you can still find cannonballs if you dive here.



The above shot is taken from Los Caños de Meca. Set in the county of Cádiz this idyllic beach with its tall standing, proud, iconic lighthouse lends itself towards beauty shots. The lighthouse is dramatic in close-up and elegant in a long shot. This elbow of Spain offers 25km of fine beaches.


Elegant Iconic lighthouse

Iconic lighthouse


Barbate Beach is located far away from the maddening crowd and is emerging as a hot spot among travelers due to its untouched beauty. Out of the many beaches dotting the coastline of Southern Spain, Playas de Barbate has the most beautiful beach that overlooks cool blue waters and is surrounded by lush green forest cover on the other side. It is surrounded by several other beaches as well.


Trafalgar lighthouse

Trafalgar lighthouse


The lighthouse actually sits out on a point in front of the white seaside village of Barbate.


Natural Cookie



Desert style sand dunes


The sand is that fine white beach sand that photographers dream of. The solitary coastline has a serene atmosphere that is ideal for taking leisurely strolls but if you are the adventurous type, then you can choose from a multitude of water sports that will fulfill your wild streak. A wealth of interesting corners to explore, an unspoilt natural environment, and above all tranquility and the chance to really rest. The slated wooden windbreaks make for a great natural Cookaloris (A Cookie is usually a 4ft x 4ft frame, but anything used to break the light up and cast shadows. Not to be confused with dingle)

As Barbate is a town with a maritime tradition, its no surprise that the local dishes are mainly based on the harvest of the sea. Here you will find excellent cuisine of squid, tuna, sole, dogfish and bream.

When it comes to fiestas, Barbate celebrates the Virgin Carmen in July, patron saint of fishermen. In February Barbate has a massive carnival and they also partake in the usual Semana Santa celebrations at Easter.

There are two and three star hotels locally and an hotel with four stars 45 minutes away.

The airport at Jerez de la Frontera (XRY) is about 1hr 15 mins away.


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