Celina Zambon Flamenco dance


Celina Zambon

Argentinean-born Celina Zambon—actress, master Flamenco dancer, choreographer, teacher and founder of the Celina Zambon Flamenco Dance Company—is the premiere authority on Flamenco dance and choreography in the Los Angeles dance market and Southern California region.  She has sixteen years of performance experience and has spent the last nine years as the artistic director of her LA-based Dance Company.  Zambon’s beautiful look, combined with her passionate style and precise technical dance execution make her the go-to performer and consultant for authentic technical and artistic direction in the ancient art of Flamenco dance.  Zambon is also an accomplished actress with credits in popular Argentinean television series, working with well-known directors, including Oscar-nominated Juan Jose Campanella.  Zambon continues to flourish as an actress and a dancer in Los Angeles and Buenos Aires.  Most recently, she combined her acting and dance skills in her portrayal of “Martirio” in “Bernarda Alba’s House” by Federico Garcia Lorca at the Borges Cultural Center in Buenos Aires and danced in “Carmen” at Los Angeles Opera.

Celina Zambon Arte Gitano


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