Whirling Dervishes on stilts

Click to see the video

How to whirl downhill on a cobbled street and on stilts. Sounds impossible but in the fiestas of Anguiano a village in La Rioja they do it. The Danza de los Zancos is performed for the day of Patrona Santa María Magdalena 22nd of July. It is an old Spanish religious ritual dance.
The skill which is needed to perform this dance comes in that it takes place half a metre above ground, on 45 cm wooden stilts fastened on at the knees. It’s a tradition, passed on from generation to generation, which is known to date back to at least the early 17th century but is believed to have existed as long ago as pre-Christian times. Some say it owes its origins to the stilts which were once used to cross the area’s flooded and snowy terrain.


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