Canyoning in Castril Granada

The village of Castril de la Peña in the county of Granada has a beautiful river, Río Castril which is ideal for Canyoning, the sport of descending a river from it’s source. It varies in altitude from 800 to 2138 meters and is 12696 meters in length. The river has some of the most stunning countryside in Andalusia (Andalucía).

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The Sierra Castril Natural Park is to the South East of the Cazorla,Segura and Las Villas Natural park. It is a landscape carved by canyons, waterfalls, numerous peaks, grottos and galleries. Due to it’s rugged nature and climate give rise to ideal conditions for a wide and diverse flora and fauna.

Castril is a typical small Granadian town with stepped houses and steep streets. The centre of Castril is noted for the homogenous nature of it’s houses which are very much in harmony with the natural environment. They are not very tall, with white closed facades and both woodwork and arabic tiling are extensively used. The area is dedicated to agriculture, with the many olive and almond groves as well as large sheep farming community. It has a number of bars, restaurants, supermarkets and banks. It is the main market town for this region and is developing as a mountain tourist destination



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