Tabernas Desert video locations

The desert is an ideal place to shoot commercials and music videos.Sergio Leone must have had the same impression as me, when he arrived in Almeria in 1964, because he decided to shoot his Clint Eastwood movies of the Spaghetti Western genre here.

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Sergio Leones Spaghetti Western desert

Westerns, such as ‘A Fistful of Dollars’, ‘For a few dollars more’, the Good the Bad and the ugly, were all filmed here (not in Arizona!). Typical Western towns were built , which you can still visit today and which are typical representations of the conquest of the American Wild West: There are three cowboy towns to choose from. This was the beginning of a frantic shooting of all sorts of genres in the Tabernas Desert. Thanks to the similarity of both deserts, it supplanted the US desert of the Mojave in many movies providing an ideal backdrop for the international film industry. Westerns, adventure, war, science fiction, comedy, advertising… the list is endless. The thing is that we have all seen not only the beauty of this desert but the entire province of Almeria in our favourite movies or commercial spots , but hardly anyone knows Tabernas, one of the most unique deserts of the world. Calatrava shown in the video is an ideal place for a small film crew.
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