Lush green rolling hills


Bubbling brooks

Spain’s sheer size gives it a phenomenal diversity of film locations. In the county of Navarra which is situated in the north you can find Lush green rolling hills dotted with brooks and streams that bubble with pure fresh water. This thirst quenching image comes from the village of Baztan and it’s not long before this stream widens as it enters the township. Baztan is located about 35 miles from Pamplona the capital of Navarre. A land filled with traditions and customs that could be twined to a cross between the Scottish highlands and the Lake District. This area of Spain is magical for filming or as a holiday destination.

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Jimena de la Frontera

Jimena de la Frontera in the county of Cadiz is about 20 miles from San Roque on the route up to Ronda.

Overview of Jimena de la Frontera from the castle

In 2006 the municipality claimed a population of 9,893. In 2010 it is believed that about 10% of it’s population is made up of ex-pats from all of Europe.

The beautiful white village of Jimena

It’s Andalusian architecture is intact, and being maintained. The surrounding countryside is very diverse from mountains and hunting grounds, to open plains and rich farmland, as this video of Jimena shows.

The castle of Jimena de la Frontera

It boasts a beautiful castle of both Moorish and Roman origin. There are also a number of buildings owned by the vatican. which you can drive right up to or walk the charming cobbled streets, which are quite steep.

Once at the summit on a clear day you can see the city of Algeciras and the Rock of Gibraltar.

Running below the village is the river Hozgarganta a fresh water swimming option. If you prefer the sea, the beaches of Tarifa, Barbate, and Caños de Meca are a short drive to the coast.

Río Hozgarganta Meandering past Jimena

A beautiful village with a wide range of vistas for film, video and photo stills locations. CLICK HERE FOR FILM PRODUCTION, LOCATION ASSISTANCE AND PERMITS.

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