Canyoning in Castril Granada

The village of Castril de la Peña in the county of Granada has a beautiful river, Río Castril which is ideal for Canyoning, the sport of descending a river from it’s source. It varies in altitude from 800 to 2138 meters and is 12696 meters in length. The river has some of the most stunning countryside in Andalusia (Andalucía).

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The Sierra Castril Natural Park is to the South East of the Cazorla,Segura and Las Villas Natural park. It is a landscape carved by canyons, waterfalls, numerous peaks, grottos and galleries. Due to it’s rugged nature and climate give rise to ideal conditions for a wide and diverse flora and fauna.

Castril is a typical small Granadian town with stepped houses and steep streets. The centre of Castril is noted for the homogenous nature of it’s houses which are very much in harmony with the natural environment. They are not very tall, with white closed facades and both woodwork and arabic tiling are extensively used. The area is dedicated to agriculture, with the many olive and almond groves as well as large sheep farming community. It has a number of bars, restaurants, supermarkets and banks. It is the main market town for this region and is developing as a mountain tourist destination



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The Kingdom of Spain is a country located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. Spain is a constitutional monarchy organized as a parliamentary democracy and has been a member of the European Union since 1986. It is a developed country with the eighth largest economy in the world and fifth largest in the EU, based on nominal GDP.
This video shows some of Spain’s most beautiful and idyllic spots.

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Granada has to be one of my favorite cities in Spain. The mixture of Catholic, Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures that have ruled it over the past 1500 years give it one of the most diverse mixtures of architecture within a single city.
Granada CapitalTravel in the city is easy, you seem to be able to get anywhere for one euro. It is under an hour from the Mediterrean coast, the Costa Tropical. The Alhambra palace, a Moorish citadel , is at the heart of Granada Town on the river Darro.
Alhambra Palace
It is one of the most famous items of the Islamic historical legacy that makes Granada a hot spot among cultural and tourist cities in Spain.
The city is a the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains with peaks as high as 3,478.6 metres (11,413 ft).
Sierra Nevada The snow melt fills the Güéjar Sierra reservoir that provides water to Granada city.
Guejar Sierra

Video of Granada which has a wide range of vistas for film, video and photo stills locations.


living in Spain


Quite simply put Tapa just means a lid or to cover something. I have been told that many years ago it started in Almería by people putting a saucer on top of their beer to keep the flies out of it. (A very sensible idea as I wouldn’t give a fly any of my beer) Later this developed and somehow food was put on to the saucer, thus the beer had been tapered. Also this was a gesture from the proprietor and enabled clients to stay longer. Tapas were originally free and in Almería and Granada they still are. In other counties you may be lucky to get a few nuts or a couple of olives.

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